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Our Design Philosophy

Our Design Philosophy - Not Monday

"Slow clothing is a philosophy.  It's about owning your style and ensuring that it doesn't cost the earth." —Jane Milburn

At Not Monday we believe in timeless, effortless style over fleeting fashion trends.  We create premium quality casual wear for living in.

Our design approach is based on 5 core values:

1. Not Monday.


Our collection of elevated essentials is crafted from luxurious, natural fabrics that get better with time. Each piece is designed to be worn frequently and cherished for years to come.

2. Not Monday.


We partner with the best fabric and yarn suppliers in the world and only choose top of the line, premium options from their collections.

Mongolian Cashmere

Luxuriously soft and made from the finest, long fiber yarns available. We ensure that each sweater is tightly knit, resulting in an exceptionally soft, long-lasting sweater that drapes beautifully.

Knitwear (Tees)

Blended with Peruvian Pima cotton and Modal.
Grown on the northern coast of Peru, Pima cotton is known for its quality and softness. Superior fiber length gives Pima strength and consistency.

We blend Pima cotton with Modal, a fabric spun out of wood pulp from beech tree chips. The addition of modal makes the garment more breathable. This unique combination of fabrics creates one of the softest, most comfortable t-shirts you've ever worn.


Our 100% linen styles are crafted from heavyweight Belgian Linen. It is widely known for its softness, breathability and durability.
3. Not Monday.


Even the best fabrics and yarns in the world won’t feel luxurious without the right fit and craftsmanship. We have an extensive fit process, making sure that every detail and measurement is comfortable and flattering. When it comes to fit and function, no detail is too small. 

4. Not Monday.


Our cashmere yarns come from Mongolia where the world's premium cashmere is sourced. The cashmere farmers that produce our yarns limit the number of goats they have, and move the herd frequently to protect the grazing lands. Goats are combed once a year, in a process that is harmless and humane. After the yarn is harvested, sweaters are knitted to exact specifications on the most advanced machines available. This process is careful, precise, and ensures that there is virtually no waste in the process.


The rapid rise in fast fashion has caused a significant increase in the amount of clothing produced year over year. Consumers are buying on average 60% more clothes than they used to and keeping them half as long. More than ever before, clothes are ending up in landfills or are burned into the atmosphere.

At Not Monday our goal is to slow down the fashion curve
  • We only partner with suppliers who adhere to strict environmental and social compliance laws.
  • We work with suppliers who share our philosophy and support us with lower minimum quantities.
  • We pay a fair price to suppliers and manufacturers.
  • We buy in small batches and only produce to our demand for the season.
  • We keep essential styles in our collection year over year because we believe the best things in life get better with time.
It’s not just an investment in our wardrobe, but a necessary step in protecting others and our environment.


We created Not Monday because of our love of effortless, minimal style. In the process of building the brand we’ve realized that this approach to fashion is more than a personal style, it’s a movement. We truly believe that thoughtfully designed wardrobe staples are the fashion of the future, and we are so excited to be part of it.