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Alex Pure Cashmere Hoodie in Ivory + Stella Pure Cashmere Beanie in Camel.  Not Monday.
Alex Cashmere Hoodie in Ivory + Stella Cashmere Beanie in Camel.  Not Monday.

Casual luxury, inspired by the weekend, designed for every day.

Our mission is to make every day feel as relaxed and effortless as the weekend. We create ultra-soft and luxurious wardrobe essentials for living in. Thoughtfully crafted from only the most premium fabrics and yarns, each piece is designed with luxurious comfort and timeless, effortless style in mind.

“I love your sweaters!”

5 stars
"I love your sweaters! They have steadily replaced all my other sweaters. They’re the best! I know they are a higher price point than others, but they withstand constant use and don’t fall apart when I clean them. They still look new. Thank you for putting the thought, design and care into such a superior product!”

“Favorite Sweater”

5 stars
"I absolutely love everything about this sweater. It is thick and warm without feeling heavy and hot. The cashmere is perfectly soft. It has a nice loose fit and the perfect v neck. This is a sweater I will have for many many years to come.”

“The fit is perfection”

5 stars
“This has to be the most perfect sweater I’ve ever owned. Not only is it scrumptiously soft, but the fit is perfection. I’m now a forever Not Monday fan.”