Life's Small Luxuries

Life's Small Luxuries - Not Monday

Recently, we’ve all been given the opportunity to slow down and reflect on what’s important to us. I can't help but notice just how many of life’s most simple luxuries I normally take for granted. Suddenly, some of the simplest moments of comfort feel so meaningful.

These days, I’m enjoying my morning walks with my puppy, Liam. I come home and wrap up in my coziest cashmere sweater, and work from the comfort of home with the sound of Downton Abbey reruns in the background. When I feel tired or overwhelmed, I am comforted by extra Doodle cuddles or curling up with a blanket and a good book.

Support and inspiration from my community of fellow small business owners provide me with motivation to push forward. Most important of all, I’m connecting with friends and family in ways that I never have before. Digital happy hours and Sunday night family chats are now some of my favorite past times. 

These things are giving me a much-needed sense of peace and gratitude despite the challenges that we are all facing. Whatever it is for you, I hope that by celebrating the small luxuries in your life, you are finding a sense of joy and comfort too. 

With Love,

Cindy Payne

Founder + CEO


At Not Monday, we are here for you no matter what life brings. Our hope is that in creating casual, comfortable and luxurious products for living in, we will continue to be part of these every day moments in your lives. What are the small luxuries that you are currently appreciating? Message us on Instagram or use the hashtag #ForLivingIn to share.

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